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(on-line particle counter)

(portable particle counter)

WPCS-EX-II - On-line Particle Counter


The WPCS-EX-II is an invaluable tool for all water treatment plants around the world.  A better understanding of particle distribution throughout the various stages of water treatment will help the plant managers to improve their water treatment process. The WPCS-EX-II Water Particle Counter was specifically engineered for operation in the rugged environment of the water treatment industry.  Both simplicity of design and quality of construction has allowed WPCS-EX-II particle counters to operate uninterrupted for many years, providing essential process data to water treatment plants around the county and around the world. 

Main Features:

  • High resolution sensor: overall resolution of 5% at greater than 5 micron; 9% at greater than 2 micron
  • High sampling capacity: up to 18,000 particles/ml
  • Wide range of particle size: 2 – 400 micron
  • Eight user selectable channels for different particle size
  • Programmable  sampling time
  • Built-in debubbler and overflow control for easy operation
  • Sturdy fiberglass enclosure for working in harsh condition