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North American Science and Engineering Company LLC (NASEC) was established in 2002 in Michigan, United States, by a couple of professors.  Collectively, the founders have more than thirty years of experiences in process analysis of drinking water/waste water treatment,   and water/air purification using activated carbon and membrane technologies.

NASEC is specialized in the following aspects of drinking water/waste water treatment processes:

  • On-line/realtime testing and monitoring of water quality
  • Process analysis and optimization, and
  • Membrane filtration process for drinking water/waste water/process water

From the beginning, NASEC has been dedicated to providing quality environmental engineering and scientific services for domestic and international customers. Domestically, we are serving major municipal water districts in many states with well-regarded WPCS and Versacount particle counters for their process monitoring needs. We acquired the water particle counter product line from IBR in 2005, and have been keeping the original engineers from IBR to continue to serve customers in North America. In the past 10 years, we have extended the applications of our particle counters to other countries, including UK, Mexico and Korea.

Internationally, NASEC was founded with the idea of bridging the technical development in water treatment technologies between US and China. NASEC has wide connections with a diverse customer-base in China, including provincial and local government, municipal water treatment facilities, private industrial entities, and research institutions. NASEC has been engaged in introducing cutting-edge technologies in drinking water/waste water treatment, water resource management and planning into the Chinese market.  

NASEC is currently headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, and maintains a manufacture/service facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.